If you are purchasing or refurbishing a car wash, you may be looking at automatic car wash equipment to update the business. While there may be fewer employees at an automatic car wash than attendant car washes, you will still need people to handle items such as maintenance and waxing/interior detailing services. As you look for new ways to update the car wash, make sure you are also looking for equipment that protects your employees. This type of equipment reduces the chances of liabilities and can reduce turnover by making the workplace more comfortable and safer. Here are three items to consider.

Anti-Slip Grating

Some car washes may just have employees wear non-slip shoes, but it's a good idea to invest in anti-slip grating as well. A 2019 CDC report says that 27% of nonfatal work injuries were caused by slips and falls. You can better protect your company, customers, and employees by installing grates to reduce these accidents. Anti-slip grates have serrated bars so that shoes have better traction when walking—this is especially important since your employees will be walking across areas where there is water and slippery cleaning chemicals. Standard steel grates work well, but if you are on a budget, then fiberglass models can also work since they are usually less costly.

Noise-Reducing Strip Doors and Variable Frequency Drives

Car washes can get especially loud because of the drying equipment. OSHA requires places of employment to implement hearing conservation programs if noise exposure is above 85 decibels. Your employees can wear ear protection to mitigate noise exposure, but you should also look into noise-reducing products like strip doors and variable frequency drives (VFDs). Strip doors are usually made of PVC plastic, and they provide a good barrier between two spaces instead of a solid door. You can hang strip doors between the washing area and the drying area to reduce noise and protect your employees' hearing. If you have drying systems that aren't in the main car wash hub and/or self-service detailing machines, you may want to use machines with VFDs. VFDs regulate the power going into the blower, so with less motor drive and less intake, there will be less noise.


While traffic cones can be a good start to help drivers navigate the car wash and to block off bays undergoing equipment maintenance, they can easily be knocked over. Bollards can act as a permanent visual deterrent to prevent cars from accidentally striking equipment in your car wash. Furthermore, if your employees need to direct traffic and wave people in and out of the car wash, they can stand behind bollards for extra protection if someone accidentally pumps the gas instead of the brakes.

These are just a few items that you should consider investing in that can benefit your employees. Reach out to a car wash and auto detailing supplier, such as Better Car Wash Equipment and Supply, for more information on car wash equipment.