If you've never had your car fully detailed before, then you may think it's just a fancy car wash. However, there is much more that goes into car detailing than simply giving it a good scrubbing. Once you learn more about what's involved in detailing, you'll likely have much more of an appreciation for them and even decide to get your own car detailed. 

What is involved in car detailing?

Car detailing is a top to bottom, interior to exterior, thorough cleaning of your car using special cleaners and equipment. The cleaning your car gets during detailing far exceeds what is done during a car wash. Detailing will also attempt to eliminate scratches and other minor flaws in the paint. This can make the car look so much better than when you brought it in.  

The interior detailing includes having the floor and seats vacuumed and shampooed, which removes everything from loose debris to stubborn stains. The vinyl and plastic areas will all be cleaned and conditioned. The interior of the windshield and windows will be left spotless. The exterior of the car will be thoroughly washed using a method that causes dirt, mud, bird mess, and anything else on the surface to be lifted from the paint and gently removed. Special brushes and solutions will be used for all exterior parts of the car, including the body, rims, tires, and even the lug nuts. The car may be buffed to remove any light scratches or swirling that's in the paint. Also, the car will likely be waxed, and this helps provide an extra layer of protection and also adds a great shine to the car. 

What are the benefits of having your car detailed?

You know having your car detailed will help to make it look and smell fabulous, but you may wonder if there are any additional benefits and what they are. Detailing your car will help to keep it looking great much longer because dirt and grime that could have been ground in to the point of causing damages. 

Car detailing also helps protect the car with products that add protection from the elements and other damages. For example, the wax that's applied to a car can help to offer protection from rust. 

A fully detailed car can look so much better to the point that it would even raise its value if you were looking to sell it or trade it in.