Car washes have a variety of benefits. Not only can they help keep your car clean, but they can also prevent debris from getting inside the car and help give you peace of mind over how your car looks. However, drive-through car washes can sometimes damage your car with abrasive materials if you aren't careful. Here's how to overcome that hurdle when letting your car become squeaky clean.

Keep The Brakes Off

One of the best ways to avoid causing damage to your car or the wash itself is to go into neutral and keep your brakes off when entering a car wash. Car washes typically work by having your car enter an area where automatic rollers propel your car through the wash. Once you're on the rollers, you need to be in neutral without the brakes on so you can roll. The best thing that can happen if you leave the brakes on is that you won't roll forward. If the rollers even work in the first place, your car could stop in the middle of the car wash and get damaged by the brushes not moving where they should. This can be easily prevented, even if your car has automatic brakes - your make and model should have a way to turn these off. 

Avoid Dirty Cloth Wipes

Another great way to avoid damaging your car is to make sure that any cloth rags being used aren't dirty. A lot of car washes will finish the service by having attendants manually dry off the car. This is usually great, as long as the cloths or rags they use are clean. If they aren't clean, then any dirt, leftover soap, or anything else left on the rags can scratch your car. This is especially important if your car is an older model and does not have a clear coat of paint above the color coat. If the attendants are using dirty cloths, there's no shame in refusing that part of the service and letting your car air dry.

Consider A "No Touch" Wash

Finally, one of the best ways to avoid any damage to your car is to use a "no touch" car wash, which does not use any brushes or automatic rollers. These car washes use high-pressure sprays to clean your car after it has already driven into the tunnel itself. Without brushes and rollers to mess up your car, you can be relatively free from worry. 

If you are wanting your car washed, there are many ways to prevent damage. You can handle your brakes carefully, watch for dirty towels, and even choose a "no touch" drive-through car wash while still getting a fresh look for your car.

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